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The Art of Lip Blush…. Yes, You Can Tattoo Your Lips!

Lip Blush is quickly becoming a very popular service. Although it has been in existence for decades, improved techniques and products in more recent years have made this process Beautiful!

So what is it exactly and why do you want it?!
All permanent make up procedures are tattooing pigment into the skin to add color and create a more esthetically appealing design. For the lips we are concentrating on defining the Cupid’s Bow and outer contour of the lips and then filling the entire lip with a soft, even coverage of color. The combination of these two details helps create a more youthful, fuller appearance. There is an area around the lip where the skin transitions from lip tissue to face tissue called the vermilion border. Often 1-2mm in width, pigment can be brought to this area and used to balance out shape and add a little fullness as well.

Who is it best suited for?!
Just about Everyone! Who doesn’t want to wake up to a Gloss & Go Lip?! Who doesn’t want to achieve a little more lip fullness with either a touch of soft color or as bold as you dare?!
More specifically, as we mature our lips not only lose volume but lose color, becoming pale and what appears to be almost borderless. Lip Blush brings back that confidence of your more youthful looking lip by bringing back the color and by defining the border to extenuate the overall lip design.
It is also a great alternative to fillers or for anyone who wants just a little extra but not too much.
*Please note, In some cases of more severe, deep vertical wrinkling along the lip line may not make this procedure an option but this can be discussed at a complimentary consultation.

What can I expect during my procedure appointment and after?

I spend an ample amount of time measuring and drawing the design which will be followed to be sure we are creating symmetry, achieving the fullest effect possible and the most upward youthful look possible. I use topical anesthetics before and during the procedure to keep you comfortable.
You will leave that day with everything you need for your aftercare, allowing your lips to heal with the best outcome assured. The lips tend to heal quite quickly. There is very minimal swelling due to the very superficial technique used. The skin of the lip will become dry and chapped looking, resulting in them peeling and regenerating themselves. This will usually complete within 5 days, 7 at the most.
Lip Blush is performed in two procedure appointments at least 5 weeks apart from each other. The initial color fades by 80%, this is entirely expected and why we do a second application to re-establish more saturation of color.

For me personally, this has been one of THE BEST beauty procedures I have chosen to have done! It is natural looking, brought the life and color back to my lips and I LOVE always looking fresh and complete.

Come join me and Wake up to Gloss and Go Lips everyday!

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