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Corrective Procedures

Starting at $150

(this is in addition to a new procedure cost)

I frequently perform Corrective Permanent Make Up procedures on work done by other artists. It takes patience on both the part of myself and the client but more importantly Honesty.
Did you have Microblading done but didn’t hold any color? Or your brows turned orange or gray? Did you receive eyeliner that was an incomplete design or the artist used a skin colored pigment to try to correct it? Did you have a lip blush treatment but it didn’t hold any color?
There are many people who have had permanent make up performed on their brows and have not “Aged” well in the skin over time for a variety of reasons. Or the Client wasn’t an ideal candidate, Poor Technique, Use of low quality pigment or tools. The outcomes and the reasons why are endless. This Does Not have to be the end of your Permanent Make Up Story!
Correction is possible and will be determined during a consultation. It takes knowledge and advanced skill of corrective techniques to achieve these changes. There may be removal sessions or color correction sessions necessary before the final stages can be performed which incur an additional cost to achieve the desired end result. We can rewrite your permanent make up story!
Where does Honesty come into play? From the Very first breath on the topic all the way to the final session!

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I accept Care Credit for all Permanent Makeup Procedures. Click Here to Find Out More.