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Permanent Makeup?

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the artist who is going to Tattoo Your Makeup.  Lisa is a CPCP ( and an AAM Board Certified (  professional. Both organizations hold the highest standards and training requirements in the industry which can assure you are having your  permanent make up procedure performed by a qualified, educated professional. 

Permanent make up is not only about creating a cosmetic design in the area you desire.  Lisa’s 25 years of licensed esthetic experience creates a sound foundation of knowledge which allows her to execute the best technique possible to achieve the permanent make up procedure you are looking for.  This golden knowledge sets her apart and avoids for so many mistaken procedure choices seen in the industry that leads to extensive and expensive corrective procedures.

As featured on the

Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

I feel so thankful and honored to have been recognized by SPCP- Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals for two of my previous permanent make up clients.
SPCP is vitally important to this industry. They have been setting the standards for safe, knowledgeable practice since the early 1990’s, are internationally recognized and has thousands of members.
In the state of New Jersey it is required for a permanent makeup artist to not only complete fundamental training but then pass a standardized test set by the SPCP in order to practice legally.
The SPCP asked its members to submit photos of their work to be considered for feature on their website.   Almost 200 artists submitted photos, only 9 were chosen for Brows… Two of them were mine. 
To be acknowledged by fellow permanent make up artists who also hold themselves to high standards set by this organization is Truly an honor. I challenge myself to always improve my skill set, seek out continued education and offer my clients the best service possible. This is a moment when hard work pays off. 
Thank You to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals – SPCP

Permanent makeup services

Choose from our selection of permanent makeup services which will be performed by master artist, Lisa DeLaurentis.

Expert Understanding of

Skin, Age & Color

Understanding skin types, tones, ethnicities and how they react and receive treatment is important.  Understanding color theory, taking into account the design and how it relates to your other facial features are all taken into consideration.  You want to be sure you can see an artist has an extensive portfolio exhibiting procedures of these various scenarios exemplifying she is well versed in her field.  Lisa has performed procedures on clients from ages 25-84!

Permanent Make Up procedures may look impressive when you see a picture immediately after it is completed, but be sure the artist you choose has pictures depicting Healed work as this is where the Truth is told.  You want your results to look Amazing the day you receive it and in a year or more from now. It is called permanent for a reason and it is Not going anywhere.  And Yes, Microblading is permanent make up!

I want my Eyes to look more Youthful!  I want my Lips to appear Fuller!  I’m tired of taking too much time out of a busy morning to pencil my Eyebrows Every day… but Lisa, I don’t want to look “too dramatic!”  Sound Familiar?!

Lisa designs permanent cosmetic services so women can look and feel their most Youthful self without looking overdone.  Your permanent make up should be “your secret” and not an announcement to everyone in the room. Soft, natural and a whisper of Youthful Confidence.  Every service is customized to you, your features, your style, your needs.  

I accept Care Credit for all Permanent Makeup Procedures. Click Here to Find Out More.

Are You Ready?

There is something magical in the moment when a woman looks in the mirror upon completing a permanent make up procedure that simply sparks her spirit in a way that can only be captured through this beautiful art.  Your moment is only an appointment away!