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I Want MICROBLADING But Have SO MANY Questions!!

They are too thin, there are too many gaps, they’re not dark enough, they are completely uneven to one another… we each have our own struggles with our brows. Microblading can be the answer to achieving your best brows yet…OR there may be another technique that would be better suited for your best long term result. There are so many stories to be heard, posts to be seen and videos to watch on social media to feed our curious mind on how to achieve a beautiful brow transformation. Here I am going to discuss what variables some artists aren’t discussing in how to determine what method would be best to also avoid a catastrophe.

First and foremost, educate yourself! Be sure you are having your service performed by a properly certified permanent make up artist in a properly regulated facility. If the artist you are considering is working out of a salon, this is not legal in the state of New Jersey. The business is not following health regulations and this can result in a terrible outcome… on your face! At PermaGloss Beauty I have made sure to follow all regulations set forth by the state of New Jersey including my permanent make up studio being properly registered and approved by the Board of Health.

The permanent make up artist you choose should be seasoned in various techniques in order to provide you with the best brows you desire! We started off in this article addressing the largely sought after technique of microblading. It is also at times, the technique that results in the most sought after solution for less than desirable results. How many of your friends or the woman at work had microblading and “it didn’t take after multiple applications” or they healed gray or bright orange.
Because not every skin type is the best canvas for microblading. If the skin is too oily, has large pores, is sun damaged, has a red/ ruddy complexion or if your lifestyle is spent in a lot of sun, use prescription exfoliants like retinol on a regular basis then microblading is not for you.

However beautiful Powder Brows will be your best solution! There are a couple of techniques we can use to achieve it, a Stardust Powder Brow done with a machine or SofTap Shadow Brows, an all hand tool technique. Pigment implanted in this fashion is far more stable in the skin, creates a soft natural pixelated powdery effect that will not shift in color, has great longevity in the skin and is favorable for just about everyone.

Is it painful?
Regardless of the technique or combination of techniques used it allows for a near painless experience. The goal is to work as superficial as possible in the skin with a very soft hand. I use topical anesthetic products to aleve any discomfort and keep you comfortable. I can honestly say that 80% of the time clients are sleeping through the procedure. The most I’ve had a client say it feels like is slight tweezing. I think we can all pretty much handle that!

I’m afraid of having big, bold eyebrows that are too dark!
“This is a two appointment procedure. You can always add more, you can always go darker. You can’t take it away.” This is my mantra! I will say this to you in our consultation most likely more than once.
It is my goal to achieve the most natural, soft result
As far as the shape and overall design of the brow are concerned I look at you as a whole. Your height, age, face shape, the space in which the brows will be created, your hair color and style. All of these factors play a key role in this decision. I also use a measuring tool to create the brow design so it is conducive to your natural anatomy. I believe in creating a beautiful transformation that we can both agree on and if you want it to be bolder that is what the perfection session is for! Another important piece to this concern is my 20 year history of specializing in eyebrow design and shaping as an esthetician where brow tint, wax and tweezers were my only tools. Permanent make up allows me to take this precise skill to the next level.

How will I be able to afford this?
I am happy to say I am a Care Credit provider which is the perfect solution for some! This is a deferred interest credit card which allows you to pay the fee over the course of six months. Interest is accruing over this period of time but as long as it is paid in full by the sixth month, it is interest free! It’s like putting your permanent make up on lay-a-way while still getting to enjoy them!

I hope this answers some of the main concerns which causes hesitation and if there is something I’ve missed I’m just a phone call away. I’d be more than happy to address any questions.

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