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A non-invasive alternative to Micro-needling, Nano Infusion Facials share a lot of similarities, but no needles are involved. Instead, tiny round-tipped pyramids press down and vibrate against the skin, creating micro-channels rather than micro incisions.
Single use, sterile tips are used with a Collagen Induction Therapy pen to create thousands of micro pathways in the top layer of skin. This creates space between the brick and mortar like layer of dead epidermal cells so that ingredients can pass through and penetrate deeply to the lower layers of skin. Better absorption means better results for plumped, nourished, radiant skin.

So what does all of this mean?
It means Nano Infusion Facial treatments are intended to improve the appearance of the skin in a few ways:
• They can activate a “create more collagen” response in the body.
• The micro-massage of the vibrating pyramids can physically smooth out and soften the skin.
• A high-quality, highly concentrated serum is infused into the skin, so you’re getting the benefits of the device plus the benefits of specific active ingredients.

What will it feel like during and after treatment?

Because Nano Infusion is a no needles technology it is a pain-free treatment method. You will feel light pressure and a vibrating sensation. It is quite relaxing!
There isn’t any down time. The skin feels instantly lifted and firm at the completion of the procedure making it the perfect treatment to get before an event as skin will be glowing and radiant!

Who is it for?
The Nano-Infusion Facial treatment is ideal for all skin types. We pair the necessary targeted serum to address each individual skin concern along with the treatment to deliver the active ingredients at the accelerated absorption rate nan infusion allows us.
Therefore, we can use this modality to address all concerns of anti -aging, hyperpigmentation and certain stages of acne.

How often can I have this treatment?

You can have a Nano-infusion treatment done as often as every two weeks. You will achieve 90% better product absorption due to the fast infusion of ingredients into the epidermis, feeding the skin with the nutrients it needs to lighten, tighten and brighten.
We offer packages of 4 treatments reflecting a discount

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